The Website of the Year Award for 2012

Last week, The Good Website Guide announced the winner of its Website of the Year Award 2012. When I read about these kinds of awards I usually do not take much notice of them. I think that surely I can judge my favourite website for myself or isn’t it all based on personal taste anyway?

Not this time. If you have not read about it, I will not give away the winner just yet. But first, here is the link to the short-list (which is actually quite long – my only criticism) that was published in October:

The winner was a site that I have used a lot myself. And I am really pleased that it won the award. The winner was The concept behind the company is brilliantly clever – it allows you to stay in other people’s homes when the owners are away. It is like a hotel, but a lot more cosy, because it is like staying at a friend’s house, just without the friend. The prices are reasonable, and for the home-owner it is a small source of income which helps go towards the upkeep of the house or flat (which is never cheap in London).

To go back to the website, the design is simple and the photographs of all the homes are beautiful and most of all inviting. The clever site caters for two sets of customers; first the home-owner who has to update his availability calendar and see when the flat is being rented out, and second the guests. Guests use the site to browse all the possible home, choose and pay online.

WELL DONE One Fine Stay! For those of you who don’t know the site, do take a look. And for those of you who are looking to spend a few nights in London, it’s an option worth considering.

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