What is the best time to share social media content?

There is a perfect time for everything we do. Whether we know it or not, the time of day affects our behaviour, our moods, and our interaction with others. We have all noticed when our bodies work at their best, and when they do not really work at all. So it does not come as a great surprise that there are also optimum times to use social networks and to get noticed on them.

There are many organizations, forums and experts who tell us the ideal time to share content, to use a particular social platform, to focus on a particular geographic area and even particular industries. There are even tools, such as SproutSocial.com, BufferApp.com, Hootsuite.com or TweetDeck.com (to name but a very few) that are there to help you. These very clever tools help you to organize, pace and space all of your tweets, Facebook posts and blog updates to help you reach out to the largest audience possible.

There are certain times when more people than ever view their social media accounts. However, if everyone were to send updates at these times, we would be inundated with tweets and postings around lunchtime, and left twiddling our thumbs at less popular hours of the day.

It definitely does depend on your particular business, but if you use your social media accounts ‘only’ to complement your online presence and not as your company’s central marketing tool, it is more advisable to share your content when you have an unrushed ten minutes to do so. That way you can you can give you accounts your undivided attention and make your blog, tweet or update as engaging as you possibly can.

If your update is accurately written, well thought-through, and relevant, you are bound to get a lot of re-tweets, pertinent comments and generate many interesting discussions. Good luck!

PS – It just so happened that I had a few spare moments this morning and did not intentionally publish this post at (almost) peak time. Please see the timings of other posts to verify!

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1 Response to What is the best time to share social media content?

  1. tom fox says:

    Good point. I imagine most social media is wasted due to this sort of thing…and companies are paying people money to do this – ie throwing money away!


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