The relationship between linguistic accuracy on websites and consumer confidence

The Page Refinery was set up on the premise that people are put off websites with poor spelling and sloppy grammar.

Now with more people than ever before shopping online (, poor spelling, grammar and punctuation can have a negative impact on sales. Many consumers are wary of spam and phishing, so just one misspelt word could cause them to navigate away from a web page before completing an online purchase. A survey carried out by FACT-Finder (the European market leader for on-site search and navigation in online shops), found that incorrect spelling and poor translations cost online shops 20% (!!!) of their sales.

Unfortunately there is not much research looking specifically and objectively at the relationship between linguistic accuracy on websites and consumer confidence. Therefore, over the past few months I have been asking as many people as possible to answer this simple question:

Do spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes undermine your confidence in a website?

–       No, I never notice.

–       No, these types of mistakes never bother me.

–       Yes, but I would still buy something from the company.

–       Yes, I would look somewhere else.

I have had a great response so far, but would like to gather as much feedback as possible before the end of the week, when I plan to analyse the data. Please take part in the quick poll here: Thank you!

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