Web localization: Details. Details. Details. (4/4)

This is the last part in our four-part series that focuses on important points to remember when it comes to website localization. Each week we have published one important point for you to do or to bear in mind early on in your company’s development so that when you need to go multilingual, you can easily make that transition.

Details. Details. Details.

A successfully localized website is one that will appear to have been created and developed locally, even if this was not the case. A company’s website is its global business card and so it is important that no potential customers are put off by the website before they have had a chance to experience the product or service. A really important part of website localization is the attention to detail. Small things can be easily overlooked, but your customers are bound to notice them.

– Dates: Write out your dates consistently. Whichever format you chose (12th July, 12.7.13, or 7.12.13) is fine, but do make sure you use the same format throughout.

– Times: Decide whether you want to use the 12-hour or 24-hour clock.

– Currencies: Pay attention to currency conversions and change the currencies according to the country you are aiming at.

– Telephone numbers: Choose  whether you want to include the country dialling code or not. Again, write our all your numbers consistently (e.g. +44 or 0044).

– National holidays: Remember that holidays are country and region specific.

If you need help translating or localizing your website get in touch with The Page Refinery. http://www.pagerefinery.com. Our team of experts our here to help and to give you advice on how best to maximize your web presence.

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    Very interesting. A thought-provoking article.
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