What are the Most Important Factors When Choosing a Translations Agency?

We have asked over 100 clients and potential clients what they look for when choosing a translation agency. We found that there were three key factors when choosing either a freelancer or a translation agency.



The answer that came up again and again was quality.

Companies are relying on the agency to produce excellent texts that truly reflect the essence of their brand. We all know that certain elements get lost in translation, but companies want texts to sound as punchy, fun, or compelling in foreign languages as they do in their original language. That is why they need experienced, qualified translators who are translating into their native language.

In the case of more technical documents, the client has to be confident that the agency in question is capable of translating texts accurately and has experience and expertise in the given sector. This is especially true of legal texts, where there is simply no room for error.


Unsurprisingly, price was the second most frequent answer.

The price of the translation is always going to be an important factor when choosing a translation agency. Prices that are too high are off-putting, prices that are too low may not inspire confidence in the quality of the translations and the translators.

But within this same point, a number of clients mentioned the importance of the pricing system. When comparing prices, some clients like prices to be shown per word, per line, or even per hour. But however prices are presented, it is important that prices are transparent.


Timing was the third most popular answer to our question.

Timing can heavily influence a company’s decision to go with or decide against a translation agency, as sometimes a piece of work is urgent and has to be completed within a short space of time.

But companies also look for agencies that give a reasonable turnaround time as this gives the translators the chance to polish and re-check their work. This will ensure they provide the best possible translations and will give them the chance to thoroughly proofread the texts as well.

Do you agree? Let us know what are you look for when choosing a translation agency.

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