Translating your website into Chinese: how and why

Crush Wines is a UK based company that produces and imports exclusive wines from Spain, France, Italy, South Africa and New Zealand internationally. Crush Wines’ website ( is a simple, clean and informative webpage, showcasing some of the company’s wines (such as #Bijou, Gorilla and Orvieto Cardeto) as well as a providing important information about the company for retailers and suppliers.

Two years ago, the Crush team approached The Page Refinery asking us to translate their website.

How did you choose which languages you wanted your site to be translated into?

Initially, we wanted to translate our site in to a number of languages – particularly French, Spanish and German, as we have a number of producers from these countries and also sell quite a lot to the Belgian and German markets. As we continued to discuss the possibilities with The Page Refinery and our IT team, we also saw the value of translating our page into Chinese, which is a market that is becoming increasingly important.

So what languages did you go for in the end?

We started the project thinking that we would translate our site into at least four languages, but after discussions with The Page Refinery team, we decided to start with only one language, namely Chinese. China is such a fast-growing market in our industry and becoming evermore important, and we reckoned that most of our buyers and producers from Europe could speak quite good English. The problem with having too many languages is that they becomes tiresome to upkeep, and we like to update our content on a regular basis. Also, as our website is not that big, we did not want to lose any of the clarity that we feel it has.

And are you happy with the result?

Yes! We love it. The Page Refinery worked quickly and efficiently and translated well within the deadline we set. Our Chinese buyers like to see that we have made an effort and it is a great way for them to get a first impression of us. It shows that we are serious about doing business in their market and we have had very positive feedback. We are an international company and we need to cross borders – both cultural and actual – and we feel that by prioritising China and choosing our language combination carefully we are able to do that more effectively. The other benefit of choosing one language is that our website does not feel at all cluttered and has maintained its integrity.

For more information about our services and the languages we offer, please visit our website: You can also follow us on Twitter @ThePageRefinery for updates and discounts.

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