The world’s second most common first languages

The website is a hugely useful resource aimed at people who are planning to move abroad.

Recently, Move Hub published these interesting infographics showing the second most common first language spoken in each region of the world. Spanish in the southern parts of North America or English in Norway and Sweden may not be that surprising, but there are other results that are certainly unexpected.

Did you know that Polish is the second most common first language spoken in the UK? Or Mandarin in Australia?

This evolution of languages is interesting in itself but also a valuable insight from a commercial perspective. If you are entering new markets this information may well help gain a deeper understanding of the country and also give you a clear indication of what languages you may want to do business in, to publish your marketing material in, and to translate your website into.

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Take a look at the graphics below…


Most popular 2nd languages

Second Languages World

World view


Africa overview


Europe overview


Asia & Middle East overview


Central America overview


North America overview


Parent languages

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