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The importance of an accurate translation

Language enthusiasts enjoy the story of the Treaty of Wichale to underline the importance of translation. The treaty of Wichale was signed in Ethiopia on 2nd May 1889 by the Italians and King Menilek II of Ethiopia granting the northern … Continue reading

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Keith Chen asks the question “Is there a connection between language and how we think and behave? “

Take a look at this insightful TED video and learn more about the economist Keith Chen’s findings on how our language effects our economic decision making. It’s absolutely fascinating!  

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The cost of culture: an interesting summary of Europe’s cheapest and most expensive cities

The comparison is based on the cost of major cultural attractions in European cities, including the cost of an opera ticket, a visit to a heritage site and entry to a top museum. The amounts are in British pounds (£).  … Continue reading

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Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

I know we repeat this point a lot, but proofreading texts is very important. Remember to double-check and proofread your texts before you publish them. Otherwise they could end up like this! If your content is for the web, remember to check them once … Continue reading

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Should I translate all of my online content?

Internationally operating companies often ask us just how much of their online content they should translate into other languages. Assuming that they have already identified the need for multi-lingual content, we recommend the following steps, which will help turn what … Continue reading

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Comparison: The most popular languages on Twitter and the most widely spoken languages in the world

Towards the end of last year we published the statistics showing the most popular languages used on Twitter. They were: 1: English (34%) 2: Japanese (16%) 3: Spanish (12%) 4: Indonseian (8%) 5: Portuguese (6%) Those stats are interesting in … Continue reading

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Ten top tips for attending trade fairs

Exhibiting at a trade fair can be prohibitively expensive, so why not consider going as a visitor? If you decide to attend as a visitor, make sure that you make the most of your time there, which means planning your … Continue reading

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