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5 compelling reasons why you should translate your website…

By translating your website… 1…more customers will read your website 2…you are showing that your company is customer-orientated and international 3…your potential clients are more likely to trust your website as they are reading the information in their native language 4…your site will … Continue reading

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Why do businesses translate their brand or product names for different countries?

It’s a good question. You would think that the advantages of using the same brand and product name consistently throughout the world has many advantages, most importantly lower costs and universal brand recognition. If only one size fitted all! Different … Continue reading

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The evolution of language in the digital age is speedier than ever before!

Languages evolve very quickly in today’s digital age, and as new things happen in the world, new words are created. But how does a word officially become part of the dictionary? This is how the Oxford Dictionary answers the question: … Continue reading

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5 excellent reasons why you should bother to translate your website

#Reach  If your website is in more than one language, you are automatically increasing the number of potential customers you will reach. By showcasing your company in a number of different major foreign languages, you will capture the attention of … Continue reading

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Translating your website into Chinese: how and why

Crush Wines is a UK based company that produces and imports exclusive wines from Spain, France, Italy, South Africa and New Zealand internationally. Crush Wines’ website (www.crush-wines.com) is a simple, clean and informative webpage, showcasing some of the company’s wines … Continue reading

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Should I translate all of my online content?

Internationally operating companies often ask us just how much of their online content they should translate into other languages. Assuming that they have already identified the need for multi-lingual content, we recommend the following steps, which will help turn what … Continue reading

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How can The Page Refinery help your business?

Click here to watch our short video that explains how we can help your business reach out to international markets.  

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Three compelling reasons why your website should be word perfect

1)   Company Image: 95% of selling and communication on the Internet is done by the written word. Your website is your online business card. It presents you and your company to existing and potential clients. Just as when you meet … Continue reading

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