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Three compelling reasons why your website should be word perfect

1)   Company Image: 95% of selling and communication on the Internet is done by the written word. Your website is your online business card. It presents you and your company to existing and potential clients. Just as when you meet … Continue reading

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In the future even the smallest businesses will be multinational.

International trade growth will accelerate from 2014 as the global economy ends a period of growth contraction, according to HSBC’s Global Connections Trade Forecast. Click here to watch the video.

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Social media encourages younger generations to donate to charity

According to recent research published by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), younger people are not donating as much as older people born between the wars. If this trend continues, UK charities will face a “donation deficit” as the older, more … Continue reading

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What is the best time to share social media content?

There is a perfect time for everything we do. Whether we know it or not, the time of day affects our behaviour, our moods, and our interaction with others. We have all noticed when our bodies work at their best, … Continue reading

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